Business Professionals

Our business professionals are the lifeline to our company. They assist and cooperate with lawyers to make Tilleke & Gibbins the best in Southeast Asia. With high level of professionalism and a keen eye for detail, they are a big part in our search for excellence.

We are always on the lookout for our next partner.

We are always on the lookout for lawyers who can add to our tremendous talent base, which consists of multilingual attorneys with excellent academic credentials and substantive legal experience at international law firms.

We offer impressive professional growth and leadership opportunities to our team members. We challenge our attorneys to expand their expertise beyond the laws of their home jurisdiction and their main area of practice, and we support them in doing so. With knowledgeable lawyers in every major legal field and a commitment to mastering emerging legal topics, our firm promotes the development of niche or broad practices that capitalize on our professionals’ skills and interests.

Career Development

Begin your pursuit of professional and personal development with us.

We encourage our lawyers to develop, not only as practitioners, but as leaders. Our lawyers, in all practices and at all levels, hold leadership positions in chambers of commerce, charitable foundations, and organizations dedicated to governing the legal profession. Within the firm, we promote rising stars accordingly to leadership positions and eventually into the partnership. In building a strong corps of leaders, we secure a bright future for our law firm.

We encourage our attorneys to be proactive in developing their skills, to seek out and learn from senior attorneys in diverse fields, to take on writing and speaking assignments, and to collaborate with their colleagues. Our collective experiences in law, in business, and in life are our most precious intellectual assets.

Opportunities for Legal Professoinals