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The firm seeks an IPE Market Investigator for its Intellectual Property Department.

Investigations into counterfeit and IP infringing goods and related manufacturers/importers/traders, as well as IP infringements; conduct market surveys for counterfeit and IP infringing goods.

Key Responsibilities Include:

  • Conducting on-line and off-line searches, surveys, and investigations in relation to intellectual property infringements as assigned.
  • Defining and generating maps in designated areas to facilitate search and survey work.
  • Collecting case-related information, pictures, samples of goods, and other evidence as assigned.
  • Providing essential administrative duties as assigned by supervisor(s) and lawyers.
  • Conducting WHOIS searches of IP infringing domain names and detecting the registrants’ addresses to serve legal actions.
  • Positively conduct sightings as assigned by supervisor(s)
  • Consolidating information and evidence and drafting reports and sightings.


  • University degree, any field;
  • Familiarity with Internet/IT; proficient at Internet surfing, researching, and investigation skills;
  • Good knowledge of software functions for various software programs and applications (e.g., Microsoft Office);
  • Ability to recognize or identify suspicious counterfeit goods;
  • English proficiency: basic English skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing) to understand investigated products and draft quick reports;
  • Good spoken and presentation skills in Vietnamese;
  • Good problem-solving ability and observant;
  • Good health, willing to travel frequently;
  • Age not exceeding 30, honest and independent;
  • Understand the local market of HCMC and southern provinces.

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