August 3, 2016
Lexology Navigator – Data Security and Cybercrime 2016 – Thailand Chapter

Data Security and Cybercrime, published in the Lexology Navigator, presents a Q&A-style overview of data security and cybercrime in 28 jurisdictions worldwide. The Thailand chapter of the guide, contributed by Tilleke & Gibbins, discusses the following main subjects:

  • Legal framework: Legislation governing personal data including the Telecommunications Business Act and the Official Information Act; laws applicable to certain professionals such as medical practitioners and lawyers; and the requirement to appoint a data protection officer.
  • Collection and storage of data: Requirements, limitations, restrictions, individuals requesting the deletion of their data, and consent.
  • Data security and breach notification: Security obligations under the Computer Crimes Act and the Royal Decree on Electronic Payments and requirements of data owners and processors to notify individuals and regulators of a breach.
  • Electronic marketing and Internet use: Sending of spam and rules governing the use of cookies.
  • Penalties and compensation: Tort claims, criminal charges, and penalties including fines, prison sentences, and administrative actions such as loss of license.
  • Cybersecurity: Criminalized activities including illegal interception, utilization or disclosure of messages, information, and any other data by means of telecommunication and activities prohibited under the Computer Crimes Act.

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