May 18, 2016
Lex Mundi Guide on Health Industry Laws 2016 – Thailand Chapter
Tilleke & Gibbins and Lex Mundi

Published by Tilleke & Gibbins in association with Lex Mundiトムソン・ロイター財団などの世界 International Guide on Health Industry Laws  provides an overview of healthcare systems in 19 jurisdictions worldwide. The Thailand chapter of the guide, written by industry specialists at Tilleke & Gibbins, covers the following subjects:

  • Healthcare schemes: The Social Security Scheme, Civil Servant Medical Benefit Scheme, and personal payment
  • Authorities and associations: The Ministry of Public Health, Office of Permanent Secretary, and Departments for Medical Services, Development of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine, Mental Health, Disease Control, Health, Health Service Support, Medical Sciences, and the Thai Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Health laws: Sanatorium Act, Professional Practice of the Art of Healing Act, Medical Professionals Act, Consumer Case Procedure Act, Drug Act, and Medical Instrument Act
  • Compulsory licensing: The Patent Act, preconditions to seek a compulsory license, requirement to pay royalties to patent owners and hold negotiations, and the compulsory licensing period
  • Surrogacy: The Surrogacy Bill, legal parental rights to children born via surrogacy, jurisdiction of the Juvenile and Family Court, same-sex couples, and commercial surrogacy
  • Clinical trials: Regulatory authorities, obtaining approval from the Ethical Review committee for Research in Human Subjects or research institute or university, authority of the FDA, and the draft bill covering human research
  • Stem cell research: The Medical Council’s Regulation on Medical Ethics Regarding Stem Cell Research for Human Treatment, requirements, and draft regulations
  • Mobile health applications: Use of mobile health applications by health professionals

This publication forms part of a series of Global Practice Guides prepared by Lex Mundi member firms in more than 100 jurisdictions.

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