November 28, 2012
Tilleke & Gibbins Textile Collection and Museum of Counterfeit Goods Featured in Priew Magazine
Priew Magazine

Tilleke & Gibbins’ Textile Collection and Museum of Counterfeit Goods were both featured in a recent issue of Priew Magazine, a local, well-known lifestyle magazine. An article, written by representatives who visited the Tilleke & Gibbins Bangkok office, details the origin and purpose of the Textile Collection, as well as the manner in which textiles are displayed around the office. The article explains the complex process of textile storage after initial acquisition, while also recognizing the historical importance of these textiles and how they are reflections of ancient knowledge and beliefs.

The article then provides general information on the Museum of Counterfeit Goods, its purpose, the origin of products displayed in the museum, and the counterfeit goods market in Thailand. The author provides readers with an overview of the basic principles that can be used to distinguish fake goods from genuine goods, and how such goods are distinguished in the museum’s method of display.