Protecting Innovation

Protecting Innovation

Protecting your intellectual property in the global economy often requires more than the registration of patents or trademarks—it requires diligence, collaboration, and litigation savvy.  We are uniquely qualified to protect your innovation.

In what has been widely regarded as the most complex patent litigation matter in Thai history, we successfully represented a global leader in materials science before the Intellectual Property and International Trade Court (IP&IT Court) and obtained a very favorable settlement just prior to the rendering of judgment. In addition to securing a rare Anton Piller Order to seize infringing goods and successfully prove the other party’s infringement, our team also formulated strategies for protecting the validity of our client’s valuable patent. The global settlement secured our client’s advantageous market position worldwide and resolved multiple disputes spanning several jurisdictions.

We won a historic judgment for a global technology leader against former employees who misappropriated our client’s tremendously valuable trade secret technology. In the IP&IT Court decision, our client was awarded an injunction against use and disclosure of its trade secret technologies, including machines, processes, and information. Our client also received substantial damages and recovery of legal fees. This was the first case that a trade secret owner has successfully enforced against trade secret misappropriation in Thailand.

On behalf of the top producer of welding products in Thailand, we secured a victory against a local infringer in a landmark case before the Supreme Court of Thailand. The Court affirmed the legitimate protection of the client’s best-selling packaging and its famous brand. Part of the client’s resounding success at Court may be attributed to its innovative use of five separate trademark registrations, which collectively cover the entire package design. The client’s brand is even stronger now that it is backed by a Supreme Court opinion.

We are deeply knowledgeable on every aspect of intellectual asset management, including acquiring, developing, enforcing, and commercializing IPR on a regional or global basis. We invite you to learn more about our IP practice and about how we can help you build and profit from your intellectual property rights.