Our Principles

Our Vision and Mission

Vision. Tilleke & Gibbins' objective is to be the leading regional full-service law practice serving international business and civil society.

Mission. Our mission is to provide reliable, integrity driven, knowledge based, and innovative delivery of personalized and practical legal solutions to those we serve. The measure of our mission lies in its execution.

Our Creed

As a Law Firm
  • We care.
  • We value integrity.
  • We are
      knowledgeable, dependable,
      responsible, perceptive,
      practical, realistic, competitive,
      community oriented.
  • We have style, coupled with a sense of history.
  • We are a business, yet family.
  • Clients are our guests.
Our Facilities
  • Reflect
  • Impress yet relax.
  • Are efficient yet friendly.
  • Are professional and reassuring.

Our Code of Business Conduct

Working at Tilleke & Gibbins, we have the privilege of serving many of the world’s largest corporations and innovative startups as they grow their business in Southeast Asia. The rewards for this type of work are vast—the chance to collaborate with talented individuals, to solve complex problems, to help shape the law.

But working in a law firm can be challenging. Our Code of Business Conduct is intended to help give all of our stakeholders direction as to our responsibilities and the standards we are expected to uphold at Tilleke & Gibbins. To download our Code of Business Conduct as a PDF file, please click here.