Our Culture

Throughout our 120-year history, we have represented pioneers—from the entrepreneurs in silk, teak, tea, and trade of the 19th century to the innovators in the fields of high-technology, life sciences, and telecommunications of the 21st century. Much has changed since William Alfred Goone Tilleke stepped ashore in Siam in 1890, but our core principles have not.

Our culture, as summarized by David Lyman, Chairman & Chief Values Officer, on the 110th Anniversary of Tilleke & Gibbins is as follows.

We are a client-focused law firm. Without the trust and faith of our clients, Tilleke & Gibbins does not exist.

We are a law firm that values our professionals—those who are with us today, those who have passed through our doors in days gone by, and those who will join us in our future. All are family. All are teammates.

We are the embodiment of our beliefs as enumerated in our creed; these principles are the stepping stones that lead to the achievement of our vision and mission.

Our foundation is strong and our focus is clear. By investing in the success of our people, whether our clients or our professionals, we invest in the human capacity to innovate, to solve problems, and to create progress. And with due faith in our collective ability to create, grow, achieve, and transform, we move forward and we move our clients forward into the future.