SCG Legal

Founded in 1989 as the State Capital Law Firm Group, SCG Legal is a worldwide network of over 11,000 attorneys in 148 independent law firms located in 82 countries around the globe. Tilleke & Gibbins proudly serves as the exclusive member firm for Thailand, working with the network to help clients solve their toughest business challenges.

SCG Legal connects companies to:

  • Expert knowledge of local, state, national, and international regulatory agencies
  • Sophisticated transactional experience for public and private M&A transactions, public and private financing, and corporate and securities law matters
  • Time-tested complex litigation experience, including class actions, derivative actions and investors’ rights, environmental litigation, and intellectual property litigation
  • On-the-ground representation in multijurisdictional litigation, providing knowledge of current local conditions and practices
  • Experienced ADR mediators, arbitrators, and advocates, with specialized knowledge in a variety of industries

You can learn more at the SCG Legal website.